• Maldives

    We took a break and spent a week in Maldives basking in the sun, beautiful winds, tranquil waters and enjoying cool monsoon showers.

  • Paris Diaries

    Paris in autumn is truly a beauty. Last month we visited my fav city. Sharing my outfits from the Paris trip. Some days it was bright and shiny and some days way too gloomy, but beautiful all day everyday. Sharing in this post all the outfits I wore in Paris


    Whether I am indoors or outdoors I always make sure that I am wearing my sunscreen. It’s important to protect your skin against sun damage by applying sunscreen daily. Sun rays penetrate through the windows and hence wearing sunscreen even at home is equally important. Sunscreen should be part of your skin care routine, no matter the season. It is essential to use sunscreens that can protect your skin from the full solar spectrum on a daily basis.

    As skincare is an important part of my routine, I keep myself updated on the newest launches and I am always eager to know about any latest innovation in sunscreens and sun protection products.

    Recently I got to try the Dermafique’s Soleil Defense range – Dermafique Soleil Defense (All Matte) & Soleil Defense (Gel Creme). Dermafique’s Suncare System is powered by the revolutionary Full Light Technology that targets 360° Sun Spectrum to shield the skin from the solar aggression of Visible light, Infrared, UVA and UVB.

    To fully protect skin from sun damage it is also essential to understand how sunrays affect our skin. While UV rays cause skin damage like tanning and photo ageing (premature ageing of the skin), the sun’s spectrum majorly comprises of IR (45%) and Visible light (50%) that can harm your skin at a cellular level. Infrared rays are known to generate adverse heat that can cause elastosis (degenerative changes in the dermal tissue). Even Visible light penetrates deep into the skin and causes oxidative damage.

  • FW Ready

    Jacket – 12velve | Top,Trousers – Zara | Bag – Bottega Veneta | Sandals – The Row

  • Comfy Chic

    Sweatshirt – H&M | Pants – Mango | Boots – Dior | Bag – Prada | Sunglasses – Chanel

  • Laid Back Chic

    Shirt – Zara | Pants – Summer Somewhere | Bag – Bottega | Sandals – Chanel – Jewellery – Osvag