• REXALINE Line Killer

    Skincare should always be an important part of one’s daily routine. What we eat, drink affects our skin and also what we feed our skin from the outside plays an important role in how our skin feels. A lot of TLC goes into keeping the skin healthy and nourished.

    REXALINE, known for its innovative formulation like Rexaline complex and DWK Complex offer a unique line of skincare, anti ageing products. They recently sent over for me to review three of their bestselling products from the Premium Line Killer range.

  • Beauty Edit : Clinique ID Review

    Clinique recently launched their new skincare product Clinique iD, a Personalized Moisturizer Range according to your Skin Concern. In todays hectic life, only moisturising the skin is not enough, There are many other skin concerns which need equal attention. Clinique iD has the solution to that as this revolutionary custom-blend hydrator gives you the power to hydrate and treat your main skin concern, your way.

  • MAC x Patrick Starrr

    Ride your slay like a Starrr this season with the festive colours of Patrick Starrr’s fifth, final and fiercest collection with M∙A∙C!